Emotional Support & Managing Stress

Relaxation: can help us unwind and manage anxiety, releasing physical and mental tension. Our therapists offer one to one sessions for you learn and practice techniques which work for you.

Mindfulness: can help us to focus on the present moment with the aim of reducing stress and improving quality of life, our nurses will be pleased to discuss how you can access this therapy either in a group or individually. Once you have gained the mindfulness techniques it is also possible to practice at home.

Complementary therapies e.g. reflexology, massage, aromatherapy, reiki and acupuncture: can aid relaxation and promote emotional wellbeing. Therapies offered at The Trust can usually be undertaken alongside medical treatment but we recommend discussion with your oncologist or specialist nurse before you start.

Counselling: allows you and your family to address psychological concerns through a range of techniques. You can access counselling individually or with your partner.

Bereavement support: If you have lost a loved one who died following a cancer diagnosis, you can access any of the Bracken Trust services, including bereavement counselling.