Counselling is an opportunity to work with the emotional implications of having Cancer.
The counsellor here works with a wide range of issues that affect people with Cancer and the people who support them. Counselling can help people to understand more about the impact and meaning of their diagnosis and treatment, and support their recovery.

  • It may help with the adjustment to shock/illness and treatment
  • It may help with the impact on body awareness / body image / sexuality / sexual relationships
  • It may help with personal and relationship issues or other life issues which have come to the fore through the impact of illness
  • It may be offered to partners and/or other members of the family
  • In addition to the skills of attentive listening and exploration, the counsellor can enable patients to make changes that encourage healing, wholeness and a sense of well-being Bereavement Counselling

The Trust is able to offer support to bereaved partners. This would be arranged after a discussion with the Nurse.

Carers are able to access Counselling and Therapies by prior arrangement with our Nurse Manager. ‚ÄčThe Trust further supports Carers with a monthly meeting held jointly with Powys Carers.